How he got here...

Always musically inclined, David was born in

Covington, Kentucky and raised mostly across the river in

Cincinnati, Ohio. From high school on, David was constantly

involved in bands, including many hours of practice and many

efforts to find his style. David moved to Europe after

graduation from high school. Attending the American College

in Paris, he afterwards moved to Amsterdam for a year, but

returned to Paris and lived there for a total of 11 years.

During most of this time, he got by on his music, from

busking in the subway and on the cafe terraces of Paris and

other French towns, to singing lead in an 8-piece band that

played the hits of the day, to being part of an American

Folk/Country duo that performed for years in many venues

across France.

At one point, this duo was signed to Barclay

Records, a major recording company based in Paris. But,

after some time, and with no support from the label, even

after releasing a single, the duo found itself anchored to a

restrictive corporate recording contract and asked for, and

received, it's release from the contract. After almost 13 years

in Europe, David returned to

the States and settled near family, in the San Francisco Bay

Area, where he remained for the next 12 years.  During

these years, he played in different musical variations,

including bands, duos, trios, and some gigs as a single

singer-songwriter.... all the while continuing to write songs

and grow as a writer. For a day job, he worked in the

restaurant industry, eventually leaving San Francisco for a

Restaurant Management position in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Living in Indianapolis eventually led to a week-long trip

to check out Nashville, only a 7-hour drive away.

“Hanging out in Nashville, and going to writer's nights every night,

was a revelation! Every writer's night was, and still is, a

lesson on how to be a better writer! And the people were and still

are so friendly, creativity is everywhere, the town has a

great vibe.”

It was at this point that David felt his song

writing had improved enough to warrant a permanent move to

Music City. After a few more extended visits during the next

few years, David finally packed up and moved to Nashville in

the summer of 1999 and the rest, as they say, is history.